the “rainEbow”…

Who can’t be lifted up by rainbows? Remember Noah’s ark? The rainbow served as God’s promise that He will never destroy the world again with flood. How about the rainbow in Tacloban after the supertyphoon “Yolanda” last November 2013? It served as a ray of hope for those people who endured the storm.

I love rainbows because I love colors. But more than how it looks, rainbow signifies hope, that after every storm in our lives, it always awaits once we let the sun shine down on us again…

And to make it unique, I inserted a letter “e” because I secretly longed for “Raine” as a nickname which can be derived from my second name “gRAINE”.

I hope my stories could inspire and bring hope. Feel free to share, retell or even republish (with proper citations. Lol) them in your own sites.  Happy colorful reading! God bless you!

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